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Delaware Medicaid and Delaware Healthy Children Program (DHCP)

Health Options provides you and your family with high quality health care coverage and access to the doctors and hospitals you need. With Health Options and the Medicaid Plan you can:

  • Choose from a large network of doctors, hospitals and specialists, including vision service providers
  • Visit conveniently located pharmacies to get your necessary prescriptions and medications
  • Access tools and programs to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your health conditions
  • Keep your health on track with the recommended preventive health screenings and tests

Check the Member Handbook below to know more about the benefits Health Options can offer you.


Care Management Covered
Behavioral Health Covered
Emergency Room Care Covered
Surgical Center Covered
Obstetrical/Maternity Care Covered
Diapers (for members age 4 and up) Covered — Prior Authorization if over $500
Immunizations Covered
Lab Tests and X-Rays Covered
Diabetic Supplies Covered — Glucose/Strips

For a complete description of benefits refer to the complete Member Benefits Grid:

2018 Summary of Change Notice (PDF)

View and download

Learn more about your Rights and Responsibilities.

Get Health Insurance for Your Children

Health Options provides a low cost and high-quality insurance for children through Delaware Healthy Children Program. To learn more, check the Members Handbook or read more.