Culturally Competent Care

Highmark Health Options understands that to improve the quality of life of our members, we must be cognizant of their cultural and linguistic differences. A collaborative and trusting patient-provider relationship is the key to reducing the gaps in health care access and outcomes. Highmark Health Options has assembled a list of resources and web-based tools that are intended to help build sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic differences and foster improved understanding and communication.

If you or your staff would like a better understanding of how cultural issues can affect health care and health care outcomes, use this guide as a starting point. We have done the research for you and have a wealth of information that will help you gain a better understanding of cultural competency and health equity.


Health care disparities

AHRQ 2014 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report
Each year since 2003, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has produced the National Healthcare Quality Report and the National Healthcare Disparities Report. These reports to Congress are mandated in the Healthcare Research and Quality Act of 1999 (P.L. 106-129). Beginning with the 2014 reports, findings on health care quality and health care disparities are integrated into a single document. The new National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (QDR) highlights the importance of examining quality and disparities together to gain a complete picture of health care. The QDR provides a comprehensive overview of the quality of health care received by the general U.S. population and disparities in care experienced by different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. The report is based on more than 250 measures of quality and disparities covering a broad array of health care services and settings.

Unequal Treatment
Comprehensive study that found a consistent body of research demonstrating significant variation in the rates of medical procedures by race. Experts offer recommendations for improvements.

How Far Have We Come in Reducing Health Disparities?
2010 Institute of Medicine report that shows how little progress has been made.

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