Healthy Rewards is one of your Highmark Health Options benefits. You or your child can earn rewards when you complete certain healthy activities.

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Take care of your health.

We’ll tell you what healthy activities you qualify for based on your age, gender, and health conditions. You can earn $10 to $25 for each healthy activity, such as an annual physical or a blood sugar screening. Healthy activities for babies include a lead screening and baby wellness visits.

Rewards can add up.

You’ll get a Healthy Rewards card in the mail. You can use your card like a credit card at most retail stores. Get the TheraPay Rewards app to make it easy. See what activities and rewards you qualify for. And watch your rewards add up.

To participate by phone, call TheraPay at 866-469-7973 and talk to a Healthy Rewards Specialist.


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Reward activities can include:


Annual well-child visit (ages 3-19)


A1c test for people with diabetes


Cervical cancer screening


Annual wellness visit (age 20 and older)

$10 per visit/up to 8 visits

Well-baby visit series (through age 30 months)


Doctor visit after giving birth (up to 84 days after delivery)

$15 per fill/up to 6 fills

Asthma controller medicine (age 18 and younger)


Breast cancer screening


Lead screening (up to age 24 months)


Doctor visit after leaving the hospital


Colorectal cancer screening

$5/up to 2 surveys

Completed surveys


Retina exam for people with diabetes

Download the TheraPay Rewards app.

See your Healthy Rewards by downloading the free TheraPay Rewards app on your smartphone or tablet.

Get answers to your questions.

How much can I earn?

The more activities you complete, the more you earn! Each time you complete an eligible healthy activity, we’ll add a dollar amount to your Healthy Rewards card after the claim is processed. We’ll send you information about the activities and rewards you qualify for.

This will come via the TheraPay Rewards app, emails, and text messages.

How do I use my Healthy Rewards card?

Use your card like a credit card to make purchases at most retail stores. You do not need a PIN.

How do I check my card balance or transactions?

You can use the app, website, or phone for card balance, transactions, frequently asked questions, and more:

What am I not allowed to do with my Healthy Rewards card?
  • This card can’t be used to gamble or buy tobacco, alcohol, or firearms.
  • This card can’t be used to withdraw cash at an ATM or obtain a cash advance from a financial institution. 
  • This card can’t be redeemed for cash unless required by the state.
Who can answer my questions about the Healthy Rewards program?

If you have questions about the Highmark Health Options Healthy Rewards program, call TheraPay at 1-866-469-7973 and talk to a Healthy Rewards Specialist, or email

What happens if I lose my Healthy Rewards card?

If you lose your Healthy Rewards card, call the TheraPay Help Desk at 1-866-469-7973 to get a replacement card issued. 

How do I avoid the monthly $4.95 inactivity fee?

Your reward card may be charged a monthly inactivity fee of $4.95 if:

  • A reward has not been added to the account in the last 12 months.
  • The card has not been used for a purchase in the last 12 months.

Make sure you complete your health screenings in a timely manner. And make at least one purchase a year to avoid being charged the inactivity fee.

These terms and conditions are outlined when enrolling and are included with the Discover reward card in the Cardholder Agreement sheet.

Cards that expire at the end of this year will be issued replacements starting in August. All active balances will transfer over to new cards.