Long-Term Care (Diamond State Health Plan Plus)

Highmark Health Options provides you and your family with high quality health care coverage and access to the doctors and hospitals you need. Individuals who qualify for Long-Term Services and Support (LTSS) must now select a managed care plan and Highmark Health Options provides the high quality health care you need. Highmark Health Options and the Long-Term Care (DSHP Plus) offer:

  • Choose from a large network of doctors, hospitals and specialists, including vision service providers
  • Visit conveniently located pharmacies to get your necessary prescriptions and medications
  • Access tools and programs to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your health conditions

LTSS Provider Directory

If you are looking for a participating specialty provider or facility, please visit our Highmark Health Options Provider Directory http://healthoptions.prismisp.com/.

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Providers

Please use the HCBS LTSS directory link below to find Highmark Health Options Providers that offer long-term services and supports in your home. Use the Table of Contents to find the county in which you live, and then look for the specialty services needed. Specialties are sorted alphabetically.

Member Handbook

Check the Member Handbook below to know more about the benefits Highmark Health Options for the elderly and people with physical disabilities.

Long-Term Care Coverage

Type of Care


Adult Day Care

Covered — Prior Authorization Required

Cognitive Services

Covered — Prior Authorization Required

Community-Based Residential Alternatives

Covered — Prior Authorization Required

Minor Home Modifications

Covered — Prior Authorization Required. Limited.

Nursing Facility

Covered — Prior Authorization Required

Personal Care Attendant/Care Services

Covered - Prior Authorization if over $500

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Covered — Prior Authorization Required

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