Coronavirus: resources and information for
Highmark Health Options members

Highmark Health Options is closely following updates regarding the coronavirus.
We are also in close contact with various State and Federal health agencies, including
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Health Options Partners with Providers to Help Offer the Best Care

Highmark Health Options Partners with Providers to Help Offer the Best Care Highmark Health Options has a vast network of providers to offer the best in class healthcare programs to Delaware Medicaid and Delaware Healthy Children Program (DHCP) members and Long-Term Care (DSHP Plus) members.

We work with a top network of doctors and providers to provide high-quality, accessible health services to our members. These partnerships are designed to ensure our members receive care that results in the best possible outcomes, while working closely with providers to meet your needs.

Highmark Health Options Offers

  • A large network of doctors, hospitals and specialists, including vision and dental service providers 
  • Strong care management solutions and responsive member service 
  • Comprehensive prescription drug coverage 
  • Broad range of preventive health screenings and tests 
  • Detailed health and wellness programs and tools

                                                             Additional Resources

Forms and Reference Material

Locate all provider forms and reference material here.


Provider Communications

Obtain the latest announcements for Highmark Health Options providers. Your good health is very important to us. Knowing more about health issues and how to keep active can help you stay healthy.


Community Resources

The Community Resources collection of easy to access local and regional resources available to all Highmark Health Options providers.


Provider Announcements

Get the latest announcements for Highmark Health Options providers.


Medication Information

Find the most current medication information for providers here.



Locate all of the federally and state mandated guidelines for providers.


                                                          Need more information?

                                        Call Provider Services to learn more about our network and how to join at 1-844-325-6251.