Member Handbook and Benefits

Member Handbooks

When you have a question about your Medicaid benefits through Highmark Health Options, look in the latest Member Handbook.

Cuando tenga una pregunta sobre sus beneficios de Medicaid a través de Highmark Health Options, consulte el Manual para miembros más reciente.

Medical and Behavioral Health Benefits

Here’s the full list of covered medical and behavioral health services for adults and children. Age limits for services are noted. Some services may require prior authorization. Call Member Services if you’re not sure if a service is covered.

More Helpful Resources

In times of need, the greatest challenge can be knowing where to go for help. Delaware 2-1-1 provides one central resource for access to the health and human service organizations that offer the support to make a difference. Call 2-1-1 or visit

Have you moved or changed your phone number? Tell us right away. Doing so will prevent any interruption of your health care services. To update your contact information, call the Change Report Center at 302-571-4900 or go to the Delaware ASSIST website.

Learn more about your health. The Health Library is a searchable medical encyclopedia that covers more than 8,000 topics on health conditions, medical tests and procedures, medications, and everyday health and wellness issues. Search the Health Library.

Get 24/7 urgent or behavioral health care with virtual visits for urgent care, therapy, or psychiatry from HHO on the Go. Start or schedule your virtual visit today.

Do you take medicine for a long-term condition? If so, the medicine you take might be available in a 90-day supply. Find out more.