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Long Term Care (Diamond State Health Plan Plus)

Health Options provides you and your family with high quality health care coverage and access to the doctors and hospitals you need. Individuals who qualify for Long Term Services and Support (LTSS) must now select a managed care plan and Health Options provides the high quality health care you need. Health Options and the Long Term Care (DSHP Plus) offer:

  • A large network of doctors, hospitals and specialists, including vision service providers
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Preventive health screenings and tests
  • Health and wellness programs and tools
  • Strong care management solutions and responsive member service

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2018 Summary of Change Notice (PDF)

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More About Long Term Care (DSHP Plus)

Long Term Care (DSHP Plus) integrates Nursing Facility (NF) services and, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for the elderly and adults with physical disabilities into the existing managed care delivery system. Want to know more? Visit Delaware Health and Social Services-Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance.

Learn More About Our LTSS Programs

Educational Guide (PDF)

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Self-Direction Guide (PDF)

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Long Term Care Coverage

Long Term Care Coverage
Adult Day Care Covered — Prior Authorization Required
Cognitive Services Covered — Prior Authorization Required
Community-Based Residential Alternatives Covered — Prior Authorization Required
Minor Home Modifications Covered — Prior Authorization Required. Limited.
Nursing Facility Covered — Prior Authorization Required
Personal Care Attendant/Care Services Covered — Prior Authorization Required
Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Covered — Prior Authorization Required