illustration of doctor talking to patient

Our network providers and other health care professionals are our partners in the delivery of high-quality health care services to our members. Good communication is the key to this successful partnership.

Call Provider Services at 1-844-325-6251, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday, with any questions or concerns. Provider Services is here for you and is your first point of contact for Highmark Health Options.

When contacting Provider Services, have the following information available:
  •  Your name and provider number.
  •  Patient name and Member ID number.
  •  Type of service and date of service, if available.
  •  Claim number, if applicable.

Provider Contracting

Paula Brimmage

Sr. Provider Contract Analyst – Durable Medical Equipment

Kim Hammond

Sr. Provider Contract Analyst – LTSS and Nursing Homes


Kia Knox

Provider Contracting Consultant – Facility and Provider


Melanie Anderson

Director, Provider Contracting

Provider Relations

Desiree Charest

Strategic Provider Account Liaison
Serving Sussex County, Hospitals, and Team Education; Includes Serving LTSS Providers

Christina Hales

Provider Account Liaison
Serving New Castle County; Includes Serving LTSS Providers

Samantha Jenkins-Witt

Provider Account Liaison
Serving All Counties, Hospitals, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Terri Krysiak

Provider Contract Analyst and Provider Relations Representative
Serving Behavioral Health

Michael Stewart

Provider Account Liaison
Serving All Counties and Ancillary Strategy

Paula Victoria

Manager, Provider Relations